EMPOWERING Teenagers and developing SELF ESTEEM through Production & Music

Code Teen in association with GrandWest afforded an unparalleled opportunity over 1 weekend in JULY to an excess of 1500 teenagers and 10 schools during their performance to the SOLD OUT Grand Arena of 5000 people per day.

The concept was to develop within the teens confidence and self esteem chanelled through production-performance -music and entertainment whilst simultaneously encouraging spirit and mutual support and respect for fellow teens all sharing the same passions and dreams.

The teens were challenged with fund raising opportunities from ticket sales-Prize opportunity for Spirit and support which would go towards developing music further within the schools as well as supporting less advantaged schools.
The initiative was such an overwhelming success it has already been sponsored by GrandWest and scheduled in the calendar for July 2012

Some “Thank You Quotes” from Heads of Schools

There has been shouts and tears of joy,the kids have walked tall,they have functioned even more than before as a team.But most of all,they are grateful.And this is something that touches me right in the middle of my heart.This wondrous opportunity has given us all a reason to reflect and remember that life is great!Thank you”

I’ve had the mom of a child in the show who stutters,in tears at how much confidence and enthusiasm her child has acquired because of this-Thank you”

It was an unforgettable,amazing experience and I was blown away by all our talented teenagers and proud of the hardworking,inspiring teachers”

Thank you so much to you and your team for creating such wonderful memories for our learners.I know they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they definitely did us proud”

1000 Girls Against RAPE & ABUSE Official MAYORAL Handover

CODE TEEN hands the Every Girls a Princess Pledge Wall signed by 1000 Teen girls to the Mayor PATRICIA DE LILLE

The initiative started on Youth Day and extended to Mandela Day where CODE TEEN spent 30 days empowering over 180 Raped and Abused Teen Girls at various workshops,camps and initiatives together with WHEATT ( Womans Hope Education & Training Trust) the ACVV-Homes and Safe Houses.

Patricia De Lille added her own message right next to CODE TEEN’s Logo “Whatever happens to us in life is what we allow to happen!Don’t allow bad things happen to you!Fight Back!” and was even such a FAB sport she put on our PINK FLUFFY PRINCESS CROWN for Pics-what a LADY!!

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors who made this initiative possible- Ava Secrets-Club X Magazine-Cavendish Square-The Taxi Radio Station-Sass Diva-We Love Go Go-Miss Junior Africa Claudia Degenaar-Cell C-Ponds-Lentheric-Metro Rail-Photo Booth-Carlton Hair-Smash Box and of course to all of your FABULOUS CODE TEEN GIRLS who were involved in so many ways - tweeting-blogging and turning up to support their fellow “girls”



Code Teen Loves SASS DIVA and their “WIN A DAY FOR THE DIVAS” Competition

Girls Check this out-and enter instore at SASS DIVA now,The Competition ends at the end of September.
Win a Day for YOU and your BFF worth R32 000 can you say WHOOPPEEE !!
Prizes are from GHD,Carlton Hair,Lollyloves.com,Southern Sun,Dream Nails,Body & Vogue Eyewear,Miss Molly Fashions,Lentheric Fragrance and Make-up and of course SASS DIVA.


In celebration of Youth Day and Mandela Day CODE TEEN in association with CAVENDISH SQUARE,AVA SECRETS and CLUB X MAGAZINE presents EVERY GIRL’S A PRINCESS

A 30 Day Teen Girls self-esteem and empowerment initiative for disadvantaged and abused SA girls and supported by EVERY fellow SA Teen Girl to ALL become the Princesses they were born to be.

We kicked off on 16th June with a Youth Day Self Empowerment Workshop and Makeover for 20 disadvantaged and abused girls from
W.H.E.A.T.T(Woman’s Hope Education and Training Trust) In true fairytale tradition,these girls were taken on a powerful transformational journey inspiring the belief that anything and everything IS possible.
The girls were indulged with delightful goody bags from Club X-Cavendish Square and Ava Secrets-then finally treated to the ultimate make-over and professional”cover girl” photographic shoot.


1000 Teen Girls Unite for 67 Minutes and sign the ever so glamorous AVA SECRETS Treaty/Pledge Wall against RAPE and ABUSE and FOR being treated like a PRINCESS!

DATE: Saturday 16th July 2011

WHERE: Cavendish Square Centre Court

TIME: 11h45 for 12h00 SHARP ( we want 1000 GIRLS there at 12h00) - Ends 13h07 ( But we know us Girls will be having far too much fun to end it all then so will surely keep the fun and spirit going ) - especially as rumour has it some of our favourite and rather dishy SA Celebrity Guys will be popping past to show us their support and take a pic or 2 with us all.

PRIZES There will be oodles of FABULOUS prizes available to girls who sign the wall - Club X Bracelets and Magazines for the 1st 1000 girls - SASS DIVA Accessory Hampers,Hoity Toity Hampers,Ava Secrets Princess Pyjama Parties - shopping vouchers and MORE ..

DELICIOUS TREATS And just when you though it can’t get better - endulge in the decadent treats table filled with cup cakes and all our favourite sweet treats - OR grab a packet of fresh popcorn.. maybe a candy floss - get a mini make over and dont forget to dress up with our whacky accessories and pose for your pics with your BFF in the instant photo booth.

DRESS Like a Princess - embrace your tiara and indulge your heels - thrown on a feather boa FABULOSITY STARTS RIGHT HERE!

BRING 1 pair(or more)of 2nd hand or new shoes in great condition to donate to the Princess Slipper Project which will ensure disadvantage and abused girls will always have Cinderella Shoes to take her where she deserves to be.

WHAT TO DO NOW? That’s Easy - spread the word - make it a date - plan a get together or BFF reunion - Face Book our link - Twitter - Blog and BBM and help us round up 1000 girls - Can we do it - “YES WE CAN

Loads of FANTASTIC Prizes make up-shopping vouchers-and the ultimate Ava Princess Party at your home for 1 winner and 3 BFF.

SEE YOU THERE GIRLS - we are so excited and simply can’t wait xx

CELEBRITIES and ROLE Models YOUTH DAY Inspirational Quotes


In celebration of Youth Day and Mandela Day - CODE TEEN in association with CAVENDISH SQUARE, AVA SECRETS and CLUB X MAGAZINE presents - “EVERY GIRL’S A PRINCESS” – a 30 Day teen girls self-esteem and empowerment initiative for disadvantaged and abused SA girls and supported by EVERY fellow SA Teen Girl to ALL become the Princesses they were born to be.

Each Day this week leading up to YOUTH DAY several of SA’s Celebrities and Role Models share their words of INSPIRATION for SA Teenage Girls ..

TAMMY- ANNE FORTUIN - TV Presenter for All Access and Roer
“Always believe and know that OUR background and circumstances may have INFLUENCED who we are… but we are responsible for WHO become” - wishing the youth of South Africa to be the blessed future of our beautiful nation

CLAUDIA DEGENAAR - MISS Junior Africa 2010
“success is like a staircase and luck like a lift. The lift may fail to work properly but the staircase will always bring you to the top”

MARC LOTTERING Comedian and Entertainer
“Life sometimes puts us in the furnace - but I do believe that we all have the ability to emerge from that furnace as poor gold”

JO-ANN STRAUSS - Former Miss SA – Top Billing Presenter – MC and Business Woman
“Every girl deserves to be treated like the Princess that she is!”

KIM GRAY - Online Fashion Columnist - Blogger and Stylist
“When I was in primary school - I spent the night at a friends house where I felt really uncomfortable - I made an excuse to call my mom and go home. Later on I found out my friends sister was raped in that very house some days later.My appeal to you, is follow your instincts, trust your gut! Believe in your self and your heart - NEVER be to shy or scared to stand up for yourself and say something!”

SUGA - 104.9 DJ – and MC
“You are my heroines.You inspire me.Celebrate yourselves because you are gifts to this world. One thing I know for sure is that ANYTHING is possible. My life is a testament to that. Never let your circumstances or experiences dictate the direction of your life. You are powerful! Keep moving, keep smiling, keep shining”

DR EVE - (Dr Marlene Wasserman)Clinical Sexologist and Author Dr Eve’s Sex Book-A Guide for Young People
_ “Become a woman by looking at yourself in the mirror rather than the television screen or magazine that tells you how you should look and feel.
Become a woman by knowing how your own body works and feels
Become a woman by asking yourself important questions that will help you make good decisions about school, your parents, your friends and people with whom you fall in love.
Become a woman who knows how to embrace pleasure in a responsible and rewarding manner. Then you and all around you will treat you with respect” _

CHRISTINA STORM - SA Actress and Celebrity Model
“Never be bullied into silence, never allow yourself to be made a victim,accept no-one’s definition of your life: define yourself!”

AXENE LOUBSER - Youngest SAMA 2010 Winner
“Dreams can come true,the only thing standing in your way, Is YOU. Don’t give up, and don’t listen to critics. Work hard and you will be rewarded”

IRIT NOBLE - Inspirational Entertainer
“Do not judge how you feel inside, by how other people look on the outside; everybody has their own challenges, & sometimes it helps me to feel better about mine when I talk to someone else about theirs.”

“Avra k’davra” :it’s aramaic for - “I will create as I speak”
This is important because we are the great magicians of our life. What we speak, think, happens.

DIETER VOIGT - MR SA 2007 & Pasella TV Presenter
“You are a special person with endless talent and potential.Dream big,work hard at achieving your dreams and smile on the beauty of life. Your best is yet to come!”

IRMA G - 104.9 DJ
“Achieving ones goals are never easy, remember that you have what it takes to be successful.No matter what has happened you,you have survived the ordeal and you are in a better position than others who have not felt your pain to be able to reach the goals you have set for yourself.So,chin up and face the world with your head held high an remember you are a winner!”

TAMMY FARRELL - Model and Winner of “Beauty of Triumph “2010
“Never be afraid of hard work. Nothing in life comes easily. If you want something badly enough, put your mind to it and pursue it. Its amazing what you’ll be able to achieve”

“Decide what you want in the finest detail. Think BIG. Write it down. Believe it. Then get started living it. Each step is an action towards progress.”

ANJA VAN ZYL - MISS SA 1st Princess
“Forgiveness is the hope to accept that you can not change yesterday, but to open the door to a fearless tomorrow”

CHARMAINE NOY - KFM Breakfast Show Presenter
“When we’re young, adversity can often seem insurmountable, but time and experience teaches you, without a doubt, that no matter what happens you WILL overcome and you WILL become stronger. We don’t always choose our experiences, but we always get to choose how we deal with them.”

SOLI PHILANDER - Award Winning Perfroming Artist and Radio Host of “The Taxi”
“Mooi is ‘n gedagte en die gedagte is joune “

“Be your own best friend.Love yourself.Feel the fear and do it anyway.Trust your intuition. Break the silence. Ask for guidance.YES and NO are the two most important words you will ever use.Become conscious of your power of choice and use it to lovingly create the life you have always dreamed of.Every moment is an opportunity to make a different choice - love yourself enough and the world will have no choice but to reflect that love back at you.The world needs you to be the best version of yourself, so believe in yourself and believe in your dreams.”

CINDY NELL ROBERTS - Former Miss SA- and Business Woman
“Everything in Life is 10% Raw talent and 90% Hard work. You can be the best if you work the hardest!And there is no Exception!”


GUY MCDONALD - Presenter of Good Hope FM Breakfast Show
“Many girls who find themselves victims of abuse carry with them a multitude of negative emotions and they don’t have to or deserve to! Girls, you are the future mothers of our nation, you are the soul of our existence! Believe that whatever abuse happened to you is not your fault and that you have a choice to see it as just that: its what happened! The story you choose to tell yourself about what happened can ruin your future! So be brave,acknowledge what happened in the past but don’t live the story. Create the possibility of a positive future”

NIGEL PIERCE - Presenter The Nigel Pierce show, weekdays, 09:00 to 12:00 on Good Hope FM
“Only you can turn your situation or circumstances around, this is just one hurdle that you have to overcome. If there is a desire, someone will help you overcome your past towards a successful future.”

SEAN O - presenter of The O-Zone, weekdays, 15:00 to 19:00 on Good Hope FM
_”Enthusiasm is contagious. Go on, start an epidemic. We are afraid to pursue our dreams, because we feel we don’t deserve them or we feel won’t be able to achieve them anyway, so why try. But there is no need to fear. Chase that dream with every fibre in your body!To the world you may be one person… but to one person, you are the world.Time is fleeting. Don’t ever waste your days doing not what you dream to do.”
SeanO also like these lyrics… “whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens. Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!” - Lee Aan Womack “I hope you dance”_

TYRONE PAULSEN - presenter of The 411 - Fridays from 19:00 to 22:00 and Saturdays from 18:00 to 22:00 on Good Hope FM
“In life aim for the moon, because even if you miss,you’ll still be among the stars.”

STEPHANIE B - presenter of Weekend Breakfast,Saturdays from 06:00 to 08:00 and Sundays from 06:00 to 09:00 on Good Hope FM
“Everything will be ok in the end, if it isn’t ok yet, then it isn’t the end. Never give up hope, ask for help when you need it and remember that you are not your past.”

CARL WASTIE - presenter of The Teen Show, Saturdays from 12:00 to 15:00 and also sports presenter to the Good Hope FM Breakfast Show with Guy McDonald, weekdays, 06:00 – 09:00 on Good Hope FM
“What you are is God’s Gift to you, What you make of yourself is your gift to God so be yourself and know that no matter what, you have something unique to offer this world by just being YOU.”

SANDRA ROSENBERG - Newsreader on the Nigel Pierce Show, weekdays, 09:00 to 12:00 on Good Hope FM.
Her 3 Favourite quotes are:“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr Seuss
“It’s not who you are that holds you back, its who you think you’re not.” Anonymous
“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”Judy Garland



THE FOSCHINI GROUP’S CLUB X Magazine in association with CODE TEEN and YARDLEY have all the answers to “How to be the BEST me?”

Join us for a Teen Girls only FASHIONABLY FABULOUS day at Ratanga Junction on 30th April 2011 09h30-14h00 .

The Yardley team will be hands on and demo all the hottest Winter 2011 looks and tips and the Foschini Fashion Guru’s will be sharing their style secrets and how to shop MORE but spend less.

If that was not enough FABULOSITY- after our healthy mind and healthy body experts have worked their magic so we stay in great shape for Winter we will close the day shaking our tail feathers LATINO style as we show how all of us GALS can ” Strictly Come SALSA

(psst there are the most awesome goody bags so get booking NOW!!)

Sunday Sun Sunbabes CODE TEEN Experience

The 2010 Sunday Sun Sunbabes were once again treated to a LIFECHANGING CODE TEEN Experience in Johannesburg

12 ordinary and regular girls all with dreams and aspirations hit JOZI for a full weekend with the CODE TEEN team and were treated to a once in a lifetime experience thanks to the Sunday Sun Newspaper.
The weekend was all in preparation for the final judging of Sunbabe of the Year and transformed the girls both physically and mentally.

It was a full program especially geared towards making the most of ourselves & life’s opportunities AND developing a positive self image

The weekend was loaded with image,fashion and modelling advice from the industry’s most glamorous and respected specialists and thanks to our fabulous sponsors Black Like Me and IMAN Cosmetics - the girls were treated to make overs- DIY tips and the most fabulous goodybags.

The calendar shoot was ultimately the weekends highlight and the girls performed like professionals in front of the cameras, ensuring the Sunday Sun calendar issue was another sellout

FINALLY it was time for the Final Event and the trendy Turbine Hall venue was overflowing with celebrities- and media all clammering to catch a look at how regular girls against all odds made it to the top- realised their dreams and transformed into the stars they were born to be.