*How would you describe CODE TEEN to a friend?

“They just know and understand what we are going through.“
“It’s the best thing you can go to/ do to learn more about you.“
“Flippin AWSUM and filled with answers. A life changing experience!“
“The most FUN, INTERESTING and EDUCATIONAL program!“
“A day that girls come together and talk about anything & EVERYTHING!“
“An awesome place where you can be YOURSELF!“
“The most rewarding & amazing experience EVER!“
“If you havn’t been to a CODE TEEN day then you teen years are guaranteed to be miserable!“
“Fun and vibrant encouraging girls to take on the world.“
“An unforgettable experience where you get to be YOU and learn loads about being a girl!”
CODE TEEN gives you a better view on life and how to solve problems!”
“The most amazing & interesting workshop that deals with EVERYTHING that teens are currently faced with.“
“Brilliant, fun, awsum, inspiring, enjoyable!!”
“The ULTIMATE experience!“


What was the most valuable and interesting piece of information you have been given/learnt today?

“To Love, believe and respect myself.“
“How to say NO and to love ME just the way I am”
“that as a girl I am not alone in what I am going through - we ALL feel the same about the same pressures.“
“The life lessons from the panel – their advice will stick with me forever.“
“I can do anything if I put my mind to it!”
“About the choices you can make and what the consequences are.“
“That everyone is an individual and that I really can be happy with who I am.“
“To express my feelings and how to be more confident.“
“About choices and drugs and if you choose drugs you usually choose death.”
“Everything was PERFECT – today was one of my best experiences!“
WOW lots … especially beauty tips and fashion tips and that whatever you do stay true to who you are!“
“To respect and cherish yourself and your body.”
“The advise from the panel guys on boys feelings and what goes on in guys heads - I understand them better now.”
“Self Confidence, acceptance and WOW … just how genuine the vibe is with the CODE TEEN Family!”

“Wow Code teen was so enjoyable I learnt sooooo much it was so inspiring thank you to Karen for putting it together so well u guys are so awesome. Code Teen is the BEST and I am definitely coming back next time “

“Just wanna say I had a FAB …. OK wait … a BEYOND FAB time! It was so great ! Thanx a MILL Karen I loved it and will defs be back for the next event …. Stay Beautiful x”

WOW where do I even begin to describe Code Teen.?
The adjectives would go on and on, but one that sticks in my mind is LIFE CHANGING. The things us girls discuss and learn at Code teen are so unique and helpful in so many ways and things we aren’t normally able to talk about. A big thank you to u Karen for all your hard work and dedication to us girls, I really look up to u and hope to succeed one day just like you. Code Teen has changed my life forever.”

“Hey Code Teen Team
Thanx 4 an AWESOME day 2day ! I really enjoyed it .
I want to thank Karen for starting the program , it is really cool. There aren’t many programs out there like this where us teenage girls can talk 2 eachother openly and ask questions about the most RANDOM things and be informed on the latest fashion , health, beauty etc I will definitely be telling my friends about this. Keep up the good work and I’ll be looking forward to the next Code Teen .”

“Code Teen yesterday was an awesome experience and I learnt so much. Thanx for all the effort you put in to make it such a fabulous day… Carry on making a difference in girls lives.. LOVE YOU

“Hi Everyone – my name is Trudy and I was at Code teen yesterday. WOW I’ve never seen anything like that , I was so inspired and it was realy great for me since I’ve been struggling with low self esteem all my life – thanx 2 everyone who put it together.”