Who Associates with CODE TEEN?:

Teenage Brands and Corporate Marketing Teams
Leadership Programs
Youth Groups
Educational Systems – schools and colleges

Some Clients / Brand associations to date have included:

KOTEX,Club X Magazine,Good Hope FM,Yardley,Hoity Toity,Sloggi,Marc Anthony,
MiMoney, Kiss,WHEATT (Womans Hope Education & Training Trust),Smashbox,
Canal Walk, Tygervalley Centre,Cavendish Square,The Body Shop,
Carlton Hair, Sass Diva,Foo Shun Wing Tjun, Johnson & Johnsons Clean & Clear;
Cape Community Newspapers Spice4Life, ACVV (Youth Social Development NGO)
Dragon Power,Make-Up Issue,Long Beach Mall,Sunday Sun and many more.

CODE TEEN is an exciting and dynamic experience that is designed to be flexible enough to be incorporated within individual brands / events, and can enhance any product/ venture on offer to the teenage client.

Regardless of group size, Code Teen succeeds in creating an intimate environment –encouraging full participation with each individual plus always creating a memorable journey for both the corporate company /sponsor / product and most importantly, the teenage girls.

The Programs:
Select from one of the following to ensure the ultimate teenage or brand association experience.

School Experiences:
Code Teen joins the school environment offering uplifting, informative and fun-filled life lessons unobtainable in any textbook! The school programs and topics are ideal for facilities wanting to expose their teens to experiential learning. The workshops are concise and adapted to fit into the regular school curriculum- time table and environment.

Half and Full Day Workshops:
Select from a broad topic choice spectrum which can be included into action-packed ½ - full days … these experiences are filled with celebrities and experts who address the “teen culture” issues, and incorporate entertaining interactive exercises”.

Camps or “Away Experiences”:
Vary from overnight weekends to 5 day weeks away and are presented from existing teen camps or alternatively more exclusive and private guest houses or facilities. Together with camp personnel Code Teen facilitates an “ Alternative Life Changing “ – away from home experience which includes in depth life skills training, fun-filled camp activities, interactive group work and personal self-development for each girl. The power packed programs provide a safe environment and space where teens can begin the process of self discovery – discover who they really are and utilize their own tools to achieve personal greatness.