The TWEEN GIRL(10-12 years)Passport to becoming a TEEN

TWEENS are the generation preceding the TEEN YEARS- no longer children but not yet teens.
TWEENS are faced with challenges NO other generation of girls have faced.
PARENTS of TWEENS are often unaware as to what their TWEENS are dealing with and feel helpless, frustrated and unsupported.
TWEENS are starting to develope their sense of identity and anxious to cultivate the “right” image- they are influenced by marketing-peers and pop culture stardom.
THE TWEEN YEARS are a crucial time in a girls life where tremendous change happens physically and emotionally.This is when the habits and self talk of a lifetime are formed and it is critical this narrative is a positive and empowering one.

Girlology Tween - fem facts, myth busters
Overcoming TWEEN Hurdles- friends, frenemies, feelings and fabulosity
FEM Facts and Mythbusters -“whats happening to me?”
Test Driving the Future
Beauty Tween -Skin hair and body care
Health HUB- nutrition , positive body image and the tween metamorphosis
Developing YOU OWN UNIQUE Identity
Positive Peer Pressure
Social Skills and New Millenium Etiquette
Style Lab -Early Guide to Fashion and DIY tricks to turn “junk into funk”
Guyology(understanding GUYS)
Lifeskills Treasure Chest - self awareness, empathy,critical thinking, decision making, conflict resolution